Sunday, September 1, 2013

JoJo All Star Battle !!!

Finally this game is out!!!dreams of many jojo and araki fans for a game based on the manga jo jo bizarre adventure are finally realized!

cyberconnect 2 developped this crazy beatem'up with 35 characters from the 25 years long storyline!! and 15 more  dlc characters will rise up to 50!

it plays similar to street fighter 4 and it received a 40/40 score on famitsu !!!

from jo jo wiki

The Gameplay shows a 2D fighting style with 3D cellshading characters. CyberConnect2 is known for making the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Series. Gameplay will be similar to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future.
Each character has a Style button that defines how he fights. This is different from the BB Drive in that many characters share similar Styles. For example, Jotaro's Style summons Star Platinum, while Joseph's makes him use the Ripple. Basically, it's the same old Stand button from the previous game, just with a more universal name.
The gauges are health, guard (depletes while guarding attacks, causing guard crush when it's empty), and Heart Heat (the super gauge). Some characters also have unique gauges over the Heart Heat one: Joseph's makes his consecutive Ripple attacks stronger, similar to Akihiko from Persona 4: Arena.and Mista got a gauge that shows the amount of bullets he has at the moment.

Game mechanics are similar to Jojo HD
One stock of Heart Heat gauge can be used to perform a "Heart Heat Attack", while two can be used to perform a "Great Heat Attack".
Some characters has special attributes of their own: Jonathan can perform the final Ripple which replenish some of his health after KO, Josuke can have super armor once his hair is insulted, Valentine's super gauge gradually refills once he collected all Corpse Parts.
You can perform a Stylish Move: the character strikes one of their poses and dodges the attack completely. It costs some Guard Gauge, but gives you a great chance to counter-attack.
Taunting the opponent depletes the enemy's Heart Heat gauge, and has some very flashy animations, especially after you win the round.
The game has chain combos with Weak, Medium and Strong attacks, but there is also the "Easy Beat" option. Just press the Weak attack button with proper timing, and you will perform a combo with a HHA at the end.
The game's RC mechanic is "Puttsun Cancel". By spending some of the Heart Heat gauge after performing a special move, you can freeze your opponent for a while, either giving you time to continue the combo or make your moves less punishable.
Tandem Attacks are still in for the characters who have the Stand style. It also still consumes some of the Heart Heat gauge.
There are stage gimmicks, each stage has two variation type, one with all the hazards and situation finish on and another with all the stage hazards off.
Stage Hazards are activated by someone falling down on a representative series of red waves that stem from the hazard, and have their paths or areas of effect highlighted on the ground.
Some hazards occur continuously in set intervals after they have been triggered.
Some hazards, such as Weather Report's frog rain will trigger status effects such as poison, represented by the life bar turning purple.
There won’t be quick time events.
Characters can perform intimidation moves (taunts), such as Dio's WWRRRYY! or Part 8 Josuke enjoying a jelly roll the wrong way which will reduce the opponent's Heart Heat by about 1/8th a stock.
ゴゴゴ "Rumbling" Mode: When HP is low, this is activated automatically, attack power increases and gauges fill up faster.
Preparedness Mode: Attacks no longer make you wince/flinch. Only 4 characters so far can activate "Preparedness Mode": Giorno, Bruno, Mista, and Hermes.
Much like the original fighting game, if two attacks of similar properties clash, the fighters will enter a "Blazing Fists" match where they must mash buttons faster than each other to gain a free hit.
Steel Ball Run (Part 7) characters, Johnny, Gyro and Valentine are the only characters who can collect the Corpse parts during a match. They need to collect 3 parts of the Corpse in exchange to use their GHA moves.

the ost is addictive too:

Haunted Hell's Reach!

"if we are gonna die let's take as many bastards as possible with us .... " and then starts the slaughtering ...  haunted hell's reach one of the most violent and craziest game around the net.
using unreal engine 3 this game is  a powered up version of the mercenaries mode found in the resident evil series ! addictive solo and copperative gameplay!! maGnifico!!

from their site:

Playing as human is action focused survival gameplay with a huge arsenal of weapons and melee attacks, total freedom in movement and brutal, intense combat.
The minions of hell come in many variations and approach from everywhere to give you the feeling of a real fight for your life. There is no place to hide, together or alone. In addition to that, watch out for dangerous traps and environmental hazards.
Some multiplayer modes can have players taking control of vicious demon masters. Here you can spawn monsters and play them by yourself, or place traps and trigger the environmental hazards to create a unpredictable threat for the humans.
The monsters are harrowing and locations feature a classic horror atmosphere with a remarkable western-gothic style.
Solo Mode: The singleplayer mode pits one human against the forces of evil.
Coop Mode: Up to 4 human players have to make a stand against the undead. Send as much as possible back to hell and redeem the souls of fallen comrades.
Battle Mode: 4 Human players against 4 demons.
Demonizer: Similar to coop, but each dead human will turn into a demon until no one is left.

Buy From Steam!

Monday, August 5, 2013

W H I S P E R S O F S A T A N !!!

W H I S P E R S     O F     S A T A N !!!

Doom , doom , doom , another total conversion for doom 2... quite intriguing gameplay !!!

in order to play you need the original doom2.wad and I recommend to use gzdoom engine ....

- 30 never seen before levels
- 2 Unique secret levels
- 3 secret levels exclusive to Zdoom
- Evolving Theme
- All new music written by both of the authors, you will not be disappointed!
- Hundreds of additional and new textures
- Co-op and Deathmatch starts (though WOS is designed for Single Player)
- All difficulty levels
- All in one WAD -- no complicated start-up
- Built in MAPINFO
- Built in DEHACKED
- Designed for Boom compatible source ports

more info inside the zip in the download link!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

street fighter 4 koryu edition!!!

As many remember there are a ludicrous amount of street fighter 2 hacks and mods.... one of the most famous was the koryu edition that changes lots of stuff like move, speed and gravity in the game.
Now we got this street fighter 4 koryu edition that is basically the same for street fighter 4.

the author of this mod , Zeipher , give us instructions about it

Zeipher's Street Fighter IV Koryu - PC mod release
Updated to 1.1 AKA the final final version. For real.

Rose and Vega had combos into airthrows that did no damage. They now do regular scaled airthrow damage.
Gouken has more damage on his ultra.
Sagat has less damage on his ultra.
Sakura now has to cancel from HP+HK like everyone else.

After a year of pushing SF4 to its limits, and then some, finally: a mod that fulfills your street fighting, hadoken blasting, pregnant sakura needs. (There isn't actually a pregnant sakura in this mod, I'm so so sorry.)

Universal System Changes:
Dash is now a KOF style shorthop. It allows for quick overheads, and some pretty nasty offense. It also looks kinda funny.
Focus Attack is now a hit-absorbing dash. Takes approx. 20-50 hits depending on character, but still does gray damage.
EXFADC is now sort of like a roman cancel. Eats up one EX bar.
Taunt is now an instant lvl3 FA that drains Ultra meter. It's good for continuing juggles, or for breaking through an opponent's block. 
Supers only drains 2 EX bars. The ultras are now HP supers that absorb the entire super bar. (Which means you can combo into them from f.ex c.MK if you're ryu.)

Saggot is still cheap.

Special Thanks to:
Anotak, for being willing to share a lot with me, for making SF4 Remix, and for his wonderful Koryu edition Akuma.

Polarity, for finding out a lot of shit early on, and for helping out along the way.

RottKing, for a couple of the early Koryu vids, and for bitching at me for not including him. 
Might as well include all of #Geese_Tower as well.

Random youtuber TrickyClock, for making the Koryu logo. I didn't even ask for it! Thank you!

...And You!

Installation Notes:
- You'll need a (hopefully legit) copy of SF4 PC for this.

1.1 full version - download
1.1 patch version - download

- First of all, back up your original Battle/Chara folder. Please!

- unpack the folders in the 7zip (if you don't have 7zip, why not?)
select all the folders, copy them to Battle/Chara. Replace everything it asks you to.

- Shoot some of those hadokens.

Note: You need a decent CPU to be able to deal with Ryu and Ken's hadoken madness.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Urban Brawl

Urban Brawl is a mod conversion for doom 2, it's the sequel for action doom .
Doom 2 became a beat'em up game with new weapon and enemies , it took 10 years to develop !!!

from their site

Development on Urban Brawl began in 2004 just months after release of the original Action Doom. Instead of egregious advertising, like the original, the project remained entirely unknown to the community until the day of release. Urban Brawl features a distinct comic book art style with colorful scenery and characters rendered entirely in cel-shading. The game's enemy roster was drawn on paper, scanned and coloured. Similar to Beat 'em ups, many characters are a mere palette swap of previous enemies. Instead of using Doom's engine to calculate light, the lighting is texture based. Objects and walls cast black shadows when seen in sunlight and blue textures were used to simulate a moonlight appearance.
The game can run as a standalone either with version 2.3.0+ of ZDoom or with its own included executable, requiring no IWAD to run.
Outside of gameplay, the story is told mainly through black and white, film noir-style cutscenes inspired by Sin City. Darknation wrote most of the dialogue and cutscenes, while Mike Lightner contributed the voiceovers. The story can branch off in different paths depending on the player's actions, and features multiple possible endings.

The soundtrack was created entirely by Ralph Vickers.

On December 10, 2008, Action Doom 2 was one of the winners of the 2008 Cacowards.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Axel City

An extremely inspired beat'em up with lots of characters.
unfortunatly this very cool "doujin" wasn't discovered by capcom or snk or another big software house to receive a better development .
The style inspired from hokuto no ken and japanese mangas will really make you beg for more ....
every character has a detalied story mode , only japanese however .
I say again it's a pity that a big software house didn't notice this to realize better animations for an arcade or console version....

googling around you can find this:

During cold war, the world’s leading companies establish an artificial state called Axel City. However, due to friction between developed and developing countries fueled the conflict that led to a large number of unemployed and refugees. Axel City became a lawless city and full of crimes, where there is only one rule: “Street Fight.” Axel City is a worth fighting game made by Atsuki Koitabashi using Enterbrain’s 2D Fighter Maker 2k2. The storyline and the characters were inspired by popular franchise such Hokuto no Ken and Art of Fighting


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fist Puncher

Fist Puncher is a new brawler made by team2bit. The game is similar to river city ransom but it adds lots of stuff like characters, hidden moves , locations ...and weird situations!
This game seems to be done by motivate and passionate people it received also a good review from gamespot :

One of Fist Puncher's strengths is at the same time its most obvious flaw. Since you need to complete so many stages to reach the closing credits, you're going to be trading blows with an awful lot of goons. That's something that can't help but eventually feel repetitive, particularly since the best strategy when you're facing bosses without support from other players is to swoop in and punch or kick a few times, then quickly retreat so that you can lick your wounds (with assistance from a special healing ability that you unlock almost immediately) before returning to the fray. Over the course of several hours, you'll probably find that you spend far too much time rolling around to avoid attacks while you wait for your strength to return. Thankfully, the game keeps things interesting by leading you through a number of ridiculous locations that include a nude beach, a strip club with sex-starved nuns, a hospital operated by a maniacal nurse, and so forth. There's really no telling what you'll find next.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

double dragon 3 the dragon stone

An enjoyable game developed by gabo hanzo , this open bor game is full of special moves that make the old double dragon 3 a decent game to have fun!

Looking for information around the web not much can be found for this game just complaining words about double dragon 3 the rosetta stone but almost everybody knows that was a big fail in the double dragon saga.

So what add this remake to the old technos saga?

3 characters gameplay
lots of new skill
re arranged graphics from the past dd games
arranged music

Saturday, June 22, 2013

the S factor...

what the hell is the s factor ?! well is the name of huge hack of the first sonic for genesis, as the new characters are sonia , silver and scourge .... is it fun enough ? I think you should give it a try ... quite challenging game.

I tried this hack with the kega fusion emulator for sega genesis and it works well, just google for it ....

from sonic retro:

The citizens of Mobius just can't seem to catch a break. Dr. Robotnik (AKA Eggman) is yet again up to his no good tricks. Factories and pollution are spreading like wildfire as he's once again trying to take over the world. Fortunately, the Sonic Heroes are never at rest, and once again wage their battle to defeat Eggman's evil forces.
However, the heroes have landed in double jeopardy. Eggman's madman descendant, Eggman Nega, has escaped from the Ifrit's dimension, and is wreaking his usual havoc in an effort to destroy the world. He's even captured Eggman's top three lieutenants, the ruthless Team Metallix, and reprogrammed them to do his even more evil bidding.
Unlike previous instances of Nega's destruction, Eggman is not fazed. He figures that once he's in control of the world, he can take care of Eggman Nega as he pleases. Unfortunately for Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog isn't having that. Before he can decide who to dispatch where, he receives a call through the communicator Tails gave him. The message: someone's already on the case. Not just someone, but someones!
Apparently, Sonic's very own sister, Sonia the Hedgehog has already caught wind of Nega's evil and is out to stop him. Sonic is a bit eased, knowing full well of his sister's strength and agility. She also lets him know that she has found and teamed up with a mysterious young hedgehog who can move things with his mind. Sonic instantly recognizes that Sonia is with his newest ally: Silver the Hedgehog. Silver has once again traveled through time to ensure that the future is free of Nega's tampering (though he really ought to just stay here in the present, you know). Knowing that the two hedgehogs are more than capable of handling the situation, Sonic leaves it to them, and resumes dealing with Eggman.
Eggman Nega is well aware that Sonic is busy with his dimwitted ancestor. However, he'd do best not to overlook a certain factor. The S Factor, Sonia and Silver! It's up to you to lead the unlikely tag team of the physically powerful Sonia, and the psychokinetic Silver on their quest to right the wrongs of the evil Eggman Nega!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Castlevania Chorus of Mysteries.....

what we have here ! a new castlevania game? well .... unfortunatly not it's just a rom hack .
it's quite entarteining  as I played just few month ago ... and I think I can share you as it's a hack.
however you will need a nes emulator to run this game... I suggest you to use nestopia but if anybody knows one better just tell me...

from pc mag:

Castlevania hacks can be hard to love if you're not a hardcore Castlevania fan, because they typically increase the game's difficulty to levels that make you want to pull your hair/whip out. Not so with Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries, a masterful hack of the original NES Castlevania title. It blends completely new graphics with amazingly designed levels that balance challenge and playability in a way that I personally think rivals the original Konami classic. If that isn't an endorsement to play it, then I am a flying elephant.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

the AbSoLuTiOn ?!?! (DooM 64 tc)

probably not many people would care for a doom 64 tc , but who loves doom probably already knows about these conversions.
really doom 64 for n64 wasn't a big hit in my opinion, but these two conversions are quite enjoyable ... just take a look

first one is The Absolution 

from their website:

Doom 64: The Total Conversion
So, with everything said and done, and the source for Doom being released some time ago, the time has finally come where Doom 64 is finally possible on the PC. As much of the aspects of the original Doom 64 game have been implemented, along with some welcome additions to keep everything fresh. 

There are 38 levels in the single player game, 32 from the original game and 6 completely new levels (Nukage Facility, Shadows Watching, Forbidden Deeper, Crisis, Death Labs and Doom 64 Museum). The pseudo-3D has been implemented, but regrettably, for technical reasons, keeping the bridges and having the originals multiplayer ready would be impossible. The bridges require that the player trip lines that make the bridge impassible where the player isn't (in other words, if the player is on top of a bridge, below the bridge is a solid wall, impassible). The team has decided to keep the bridges, but have had to cut multiplayer. 

The sounds and graphics have all been carried over as well as animated fire skies and colored walls. All of the enemies are in the TC, especially the Nightmare Imp and Motherdemon. The enemies are hi-res, as are the weapons and textures. 

The music has been recorded from the original game, edited, and have special versions designed for the TC, both in quality and size. All tracks are included. There are 2 versions of the music wad, a normal one, at 52 megs, and also a smaller one (for the 56k modem users) at 20.2 megs. 

That's all to be said. Scripting, done. Levels, done. Music and sounds, done. Atmosphere, done. And most importantly, the gameplay and fun factor are perfect. It's not exact, as there are a few surprises in store, especially for those who are willing to search for them. 

So, on behalf of the entire Doom 64 TC, enjoy. We hope you have as much fun playing as we've had making it. 

I suggest to explore their website as it has lots of great stuff.

second one is DooM64 EX

Doom 64 EX is a faithful recreation of the original game using the Doom source code as the base with the benefit from newer control methods like mouse look, high resolutions and color depth. In addition to that, Doom 64 EX will also feature mod support to allow users to create custom levels, textures and sprites. Doom 64 EX is also aimed to be 100% accurate to the original game as close as possible and offer some PC-specific features that can enhance the game.

well great stuff to download over there too.... so I suggest to check both websites , also if you want to play with this one you should google for doom 64 original rom for n64  .....

Friday, May 31, 2013

Duke Nukem Forever ! (the real one?)

well dnf , one of the worst expensive game I ever bought .... waste of time and money .... shame on gearbox , really stop doing that!!! (you know what I am talking about....)
however this is a mod for the duke nukem atomic edition , still had the time to play it and test it if it' s worth .....

first :


Unzip the contents of into an EMPTY DIRECTORY (call it whatever you want),
place a copy of Duke3d.grp (the Atomic Edition version) in that directory and run
DNF.bat. Make sure the directory is empty before you install this mod as outside
files will conflict with the mod. Do NOT replace the supplied _eduke32.exe with
your own as this mod has been optimized for the included version of EDuke32 and
other versions may cause undesired results.

Note to Steam users: Your Duke3d.grp is located in the following directory:
steam\steamapps\common\Duke Nukem 3D\gameroot\classic
Steam users automatically have the required Atomic Edition version of the grp.


This was amazing! The first level starts off a bit slow, and besides the new art and a few references played like an ordinary Duke 3D level (although the view from the top of the lady killer is stunning) and there's good atmosphere.
After you get the bike, there's a bit of a turning point and gameplay starts becoming more ambitious and interesting, plus all the references, both in-your-face and the smaller ones, and the obvious/exact replicas as well as ideas/locations etc which are only loosely based on the old trailers.
Is it DNF? No, but (besides the start maybe) there is not a single boring moment in the entire thing, and you'll have a huge grin every time you come across something from the trailers (especially when it's gameplay related and not just a visual thing). It definitely has a DNF feel, but some parts have it more than others.
Soon after you start, it grabs you like a vice and it won't let go until you finish. 100% Recommended! Go download now.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

ultimate mortal kombat hack!!

well an immense hack that will allow you to play with every characters in the old saga (the best in my opinion).
this game is a modded genesis rom, that run only with the emulator provided ....

from their website:

What is Ultimate Mortal Kombat Hack?

It awesome hack of game Ultimate MK3 in which many innovations are added. New fighters, zones, combinations, fatalities, sounds, changed AI, and also added new modes and adjustments of game. The author of it hack, Kabal_MK, any more the one year supplements and modifies it, letting out separate patches. Development is conducted till now, on our site you can find last versions and patches for game.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Double Dragon Gaiden

Here double dragon gaiden one of the longest double dragon openbor mods
it use 6 buttons to play , so try it with decent gamepad....thanks to gabo hanzo for his effort in developing this gem!

Continuation of my previous double dragon (REVOLUTION 1 AND 2) after the death of Marian, Billy kills Willy Mackey (the SMG), finding solace away from his brother Jimmy for a while ... Over time there is a new threat which recruits former and new members of asot criminals to the city, just in order to attract the Dragons to meet his destiny. With such evidence to overcome Billy rejoins the Dragons which integrate new miebros with new techniques and superior to those known in the arcade. Billy found this challenge a good opportunity to find answers to the path followed in the future, but this must confront old enemies and acquaintances with new allies reinforced with new techniques and weapons ...

Double Dragon Gaiden maintains the stylized design of the 80s.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

hot line miami!

if there is an indie who left a mark certainly is this one....

they won everything despise the old graphics , fun is above all :

from steam:

Hotline Miami is a high-octane action game overflowing with raw brutality, hard-boiled gunplay and skull crushing close combat. Set in an alternative 1989 Miami, you will assume the role of a mysterious antihero on a murderous rampage against the shady underworld at the behest of voices on your answering machine. Soon you'll find yourself struggling to get a grip of what is going on and why you are prone to these acts of violence.
Rely on your wits to choreograph your way through seemingly impossible situations as you constantly find yourself outnumbered by vicious enemies. The action is unrelenting and every shot is deadly so each move must be quick and decisive if you hope to survive and unveil the sinister forces driving the bloodshed. Hotline Miami’s unmistakable visual style, a driving soundtrack, and a surreal chain of events will have you question your own thirst for blood while pushing you to the limits with a brutally unforgiving challenge.

also the ost is great!!!

unfortunatly is only on steam , but it's really worth it ... consider steam discount to pay less!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

World heroes supreme justice!

extremely fun openbor mod.... featuring world heroes characters , lots of combossss!

from openbor wiki:

5 playble characters + 1 secret character
2 players co-op maximum
The game uses 4 buttons :

(Be sure to define the key buttons before you play!)
You can combine Punch and Kick combos like:

google around , I found that there is an extra version too... well that's great I post them both!!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


supercade and ggpo are two great softwares to play online with many arcade games ... mostly from capcom and snk.... both based on final burn I prefer supercade than ggpo....

from supercade site

What is Supercade?
Supercade is a lagless P2P (peer-to-peer) arcade game emulator. It currently supports over 150 games, mostly of the fighting genre. A list of all supported games can be found here. It functions as a client and server where all users can interact with each other and issue direct challenges in the games they want to play. Replays are automatically generated and stored on the website (optional).

after signup and downloaded their client (all free), google for some romz and PLAY!

or watch the latest replay!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DooM eternal

doom eternal .... as the title says one of biggest wad around ....

from doomworld:

Eternal Doom remains famous for one thing: the massive, massive maps. The average map in Eternal Doom is about four times the size of the average stock Doom map, and takes much, much longer to complete. Actually this is the subject of many complaints about Eternal Doom. In some cases you have to hit a switch and then walk across the map again (which can take a good ten minutes) to get through the door the switch opened. These sorts of puzzles, coupled with the huge size of the maps both annoyed some and delighted others. Either way you can't deny that all the maps in Eternal Doom are quality, and if nothing else the massive size of the level data (which is the largest collection of level data to date) is impressive enough to warrent a spot here.

how to play :

google for doom2.wad and download and copy it into gzdoom main folder

then download gzdoom here:


then drag eternal.wad into gzdoom executable and select doom2 hell on the earth


Friday, April 19, 2013

Golden Axe Legend!!

Golden Axe legend by pier wolf is simply the best GA mod around , full of special and combos you will love this game! better than GA 2 and 3 by SEGA !!

Pierwolf: "Here it is my last game!, like my previous one, this is a classic remake of the 3 golden axe games from sega genesis/megadrive."


- All the 7 characters from from golden axe 1-3, each with many different attacks and new, exciting special moves!
- Many enemies and bosses from golden axe 1-3!
- Alternate routes, bad ending and good ending: choose your path carefully!
- Traps, holes and many more dangers awaits you along the way!
- 4 bizzarrian to ride, each with its own attack!
- Fill your MP meter and unleash a powerful Magic to destroy your enemies!
- High level of difficulty! this will not be an easy thing!
- Possibilities of chain combos with normal/special/Magic attacks!


Friday, April 12, 2013

The Stronghold!!

This is a great DooM mod!! just like the horde in gears of war you engage countless wave of enemies...

from their site:

You know Doom, it is always the same, get some weapons, infiltrate the destroyed UAC base or demon hive, kill all the monsters and hellspawn and find the exit switch. This was Doom... until now: Stronghold is a mixture of Unreal Tournament's Assault mode and Skulltag'sInvasion mode. Defend your Stronghold against hundreds of monsters, divided into several waves. Earn points, get rewards between waves and let no single enemy pass!

So, what can you actually expect from a PK3 that's over 150MB?

35 new maps all from scratch (+4 secret maps)
18 powerful weapons (some totally new ones)
20 different powerups to play with
30 additional new monsters (some totally new ones)
5 different gamemodes (e.g. Deadline, Core, ...)
1 complete new HUD (add. info on screen)
unique voice acting & announcers
full soundtrack with exclusive songs by Lexus Alyus
32bit skyboxes, fog, lights and environment
dynamic lights for actors and in maps
cinematic sequences for gamemodes and endings
special effects, atmospheric and beautifl
full multiplayer for Skulltag, up to 8 players
bounty, earn credits for killed demons
dynamic skill for all skill settings and player counts
hub system with several tiers to battle through
shop system with countless items to buy

...and many many more things for you to discover in this huge and complex project. Don't stop playing, there is even more you haven't seen!

so what do you need to play ?

first :

download gzdoom: the required engine to run the game (also read the documentation from their web site)


second :

google for this file "doom2.wad" ( I can't give you it's not freeware....)

third :

grab the stronghold mod :

doom stronghold download from their site

then after configured everything .... enjoy ( I always play with a 360 controller!)

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Yatagarasu ... great game developed by ex capcom and snk former artist... not free but really cheap!!

"One of fighting scene in Japan’s best kept secrets, Yatagarasu is a 2D fighter of remarkable quality. Taking in a range of influences from Street Fighter III: Third Strike to King of Fighters, Yatagarasu is a fighting game aficionado’s delight, boasting excellent mechanics and superbly balanced gameplay. This should come as no surprise given that it’s the work of one of Japan’s best fighting game players, Umezono and ex-SNK and King of Fighters artist Kotani Tomoyuki. If you consider yourself a fan of fighting games, this should not be missed."

this their site :

unfortunatly only japanese:

yatagarasu official website

and here where to buy (digital download) :

Monday, April 1, 2013

Final Fight Gold "champion edition"

another final fight mod .... this one very interesting ... made by pierwolf ,
it's an openbor game you won't forget easily, with is tight gameplay it's one of the best final fight mod around:

from chrocrash:

- 7 chars from both Final Fight 1, 2 and 3 aviable + 4 from the street fighter saga!
- custom throws for all chars!
- all chars have 2 Special Moves and one Ultimate Move (see the HOW TO PLAY for the list)!
- 42 classic enemies and bosses!
- 28 BG, divided in 5 stages with multiple paths!
- two classics bonus stages!
- a classic boss mode, aviable when you beat the game the first time!
- a training mode, where you can train your moves!
- and some twist from the story of the original Final Fight!

The game works with the latest version of OpenBOR!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Abobo's big adventure...

Abobo's big adventure it's a nes tirbute , from their site:

Abobo's Big Adventure is a parody game which pays tribute to the 8-bit glory days of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). 

The development of the game began way back in 2002 when Roger Barr set out to have Abobo fight his way through a variety of classic NES games in search of his lost son, Aboboy. Roger teamed up with a programmer who went by the name "Bane" at the time and they started putting the first levels together. Unfortunately, the Abobo game kept getting sidetracked due to each of them working on other game projects at the same time (including Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest). 

visit their page and play online !

download from their site pc version!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Super fighting spirit !

combo madness!!!

Characters are from Amiga fighting game "Fightin' Spirit" and from "Double Dragon" on NEOGEO. 12 Playable characters :Kento,Rhajang,Tong Lee,Yuri,Lorentz,Burke,Ken,Amon,Duke,Cheng Fu,Rebecca,Billy Lee(and Jimmy when you switch pallette ,so basically 13 if you count Jimmy/Billy Lee). Story Mode. Story Mode With CPU - you can play with computer controller player. VS Mode. Combo Arena mode to practice juggles and combos and just to have fun.

crazy game ... 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Final Fight Apocalypse 1st edition!!

Final Fight apocalypse ... that's a good game .... try it!!Mr Q thanks!!!

One of MrQ®'s last attempt of making a Final Fight mod for BoR engine is here in the Complete mods section. It features unique values for walkable areas in its stages, just like classic Beat'em up games.


- 4 Characters & Secret.
- 8 Stage + Extras.
- 2 or 4 players on Arcade Mode.
- Beat Em Up old Style!


Autor: MR. Q
Category: Video Games
Genre: Beat 'em up
License: FreeWare
Language: English
Player(s): 1 - 4
Release Date: 2005.05.19 - 2006.10.11
Status: Complete
Engine: OpenBOR v2.0052


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Night Slasher X

here we go.... this is a masterpiece ... very hard to play but extremely fun... night slasher X

from the author:

BonusJZ: "So here it is after long wait lurking in shadows, creatures of night rise again and will hunt for brains."


* 3 Players : Chistopher - famous vampire hunter, Jack - monster hunter with cybernetic arms, Jasmin - martial artist
* Totally redesigned and rebalanced gameplay which is now faster and more bloody.
* 6 new deadly weapons: including such flash choppers as chainsaw or axe, brain blowers as shotgun, machingun and grenade
* Totally new openbor game mechanic: slashback, guardcounter, recover and ground finishers
* Desperation moves
* New combo and scoring system
* Scripted continue screen
* Enormous amount of moves per character: including charging moves, grapples, throws and juggle system
* Polished levels that contain more background layers and new stage effects
* More that few hundreds edited frames - including flying zombie guts
* New music track
* 8 Big stages with sublevels, stage openings and many, many big bad bosses
* Dynamic midlevels cutscenes
* 3 Endings
* Hidden levels
* And much more such as hectoliters spilling red, tick blooooooood