Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Abobo's big adventure...

Abobo's big adventure it's a nes tirbute , from their site:

Abobo's Big Adventure is a parody game which pays tribute to the 8-bit glory days of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). 

The development of the game began way back in 2002 when Roger Barr set out to have Abobo fight his way through a variety of classic NES games in search of his lost son, Aboboy. Roger teamed up with a programmer who went by the name "Bane" at the time and they started putting the first levels together. Unfortunately, the Abobo game kept getting sidetracked due to each of them working on other game projects at the same time (including Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest). 

visit their page and play online !

download from their site pc version!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Super fighting spirit !

combo madness!!!

Characters are from Amiga fighting game "Fightin' Spirit" and from "Double Dragon" on NEOGEO. 12 Playable characters :Kento,Rhajang,Tong Lee,Yuri,Lorentz,Burke,Ken,Amon,Duke,Cheng Fu,Rebecca,Billy Lee(and Jimmy when you switch pallette ,so basically 13 if you count Jimmy/Billy Lee). Story Mode. Story Mode With CPU - you can play with computer controller player. VS Mode. Combo Arena mode to practice juggles and combos and just to have fun.

crazy game ... 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Final Fight Apocalypse 1st edition!!

Final Fight apocalypse ... that's a good game .... try it!!Mr Q thanks!!!

One of MrQ®'s last attempt of making a Final Fight mod for BoR engine is here in the Complete mods section. It features unique values for walkable areas in its stages, just like classic Beat'em up games.


- 4 Characters & Secret.
- 8 Stage + Extras.
- 2 or 4 players on Arcade Mode.
- Beat Em Up old Style!


Autor: MR. Q
Category: Video Games
Genre: Beat 'em up
License: FreeWare
Language: English
Player(s): 1 - 4
Release Date: 2005.05.19 - 2006.10.11
Status: Complete
Engine: OpenBOR v2.0052


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Night Slasher X

here we go.... this is a masterpiece ... very hard to play but extremely fun... night slasher X

from the author:

BonusJZ: "So here it is after long wait lurking in shadows, creatures of night rise again and will hunt for brains."


* 3 Players : Chistopher - famous vampire hunter, Jack - monster hunter with cybernetic arms, Jasmin - martial artist
* Totally redesigned and rebalanced gameplay which is now faster and more bloody.
* 6 new deadly weapons: including such flash choppers as chainsaw or axe, brain blowers as shotgun, machingun and grenade
* Totally new openbor game mechanic: slashback, guardcounter, recover and ground finishers
* Desperation moves
* New combo and scoring system
* Scripted continue screen
* Enormous amount of moves per character: including charging moves, grapples, throws and juggle system
* Polished levels that contain more background layers and new stage effects
* More that few hundreds edited frames - including flying zombie guts
* New music track
* 8 Big stages with sublevels, stage openings and many, many big bad bosses
* Dynamic midlevels cutscenes
* 3 Endings
* Hidden levels
* And much more such as hectoliters spilling red, tick blooooooood


Street fighter x megaman

street fighter x megaman... well difficult game , but not so hard if you are a fan of the series...
still haven't beat it ... can' t pass even ryu... however enjoy it !!

from wikipedia:

Street Fighter X Mega Man, also known as Street Fighter X Rockman (ストリートファイター X ロックマンSutorīto Faitā Kurosu Rokkuman?) in Japan, is a crossover platform game created by Singaporean fan developer Seow Zong Hui with support from Capcom. The game was released as a free download from Capcom-Unity on December 17, 2012. The game celebrates the 25th anniversary of Capcom's Mega Man andStreet Fighter franchises, mimicking the design of classic Mega Man games but with Street Fighter characters substituting as important enemies encountered in the game.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

king of fighters 99 remix pro

The king of fighters 99 remix pro 1 is the first hack of kof99 developed by egcg, the game  became similar to kof 2000, enjoy!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

You Have to Win the Game

Directly from their site pirate hearts I found this amazing "gem" an old style cga platformer
You Have to Win the Game is an exploration platformer with a retro 1980s PC aesthetic.
it's simply amazing just try it!!

King of fighters 96 anniversary edition 1.0

Still playing that old 2D KOF? Stuck in the middle of nowhere with no money to get a new KOF? Well…there may be a new solution for you.
KOF 96 Anniversary Edition features new combos, Exceed Mode, move cancels and more! Is it a rom? Is it even legal? Who knows! It looks quite good actually!

Update !
this is a better version!!

Super Street Fighter 2 Nes edition!!!

UPDATE !! there is another version out ! they added fei long ! waiting for the next challengers!

Looking over the internet I found this game ..... and it's quite good despite the terrible graphics!!!

super street fighter 2 nes edition

from their blog:

Well, let us get this started again. Street Fighter 2 Nes started on march, 2005, as I found myself with far too much time while recovering from a knee surgery, yadda, yadda, yadda. It's past now. Caddie and I joined forces and after a while, we had a working beta. Mantovao contributed to that release with Sheng Long sprites.
As expected, a new beta was released shortly after, fixing some major issues and rebalancing the game. After this release, there was a very long hiatus before Caddie and I decided to touch this game again. V 0.92 was released nearly an year after v 0.91 with lots of improvements. And left into a limbo for a long, long time.
5 or so months later, the Rabite enters in the scene. V 0.92 was going to be my last MUGEN work, but I was suddenly being flooded with feedback, bug reports and suggestions. I had no option but to work on it again.
More characters were suggested, things were getting changed. We even decided to get Honda out of the game. That brought us Mr. A, who also got us Zangief.
After a while, Cad parted from the team due to personal reasons and the rest of us, that being myself, also known as Bia, Rabite and Mr. A kept going.
This beta release was agreed between the three of us to test the waters and see if we can collect more feedback about it. There's still a long road ahead.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bare Knuckle 6

Bare Knuckle VI is a 4-player Chinese SOR fangame designed by Anking and Volcanic, using the OpenBoR engine. The moves and physics of the game are based upon those seen in the earlier title Bare Knuckle Vacuum (albeit with some fresh changes) and as such it is intended as a sequel to that game, hence the numbering system (V=Vacuum, VI follows). The designers also postulated that there are so many fangames numbered IV or 4, that it was logical to move on to avoid confusion.

This game is surprisingly fun to play and has plenty of ideas and novel twists to keep you interested, alongside that authentic-feeling SOR gameplay action. It features 6 playable characters (Axel, Blaze, Adam, Max, Zan and Shiva) - the Adam sprites having been ripped from SORRv4 - who all appear to be police officers if the presentation screens are anything to go by. The story is all written in Chinese, so I can't give you a summary of what it entails, but I'm pretty sure it involves Mr. X coming back and the heroes having to stop him again (duh). Many of the levels are SOR3/SORR rips, but this is entertaining just the same and worth checking out if you feel like taking a break from playing SORRv5 all the time. I'd say it's probably one of the best OpenBoR-based fangames available.

What is.... this pplace?

Well.... what is this place?

Here I share a selection of indie games and freeware apps... could be a bit odds but who cares?
as lavalit doesn't exist anymore many of the excellent " open bor " games could be lost on the net ..... so in this small blog I will upload a selection of those ....
also I will add links where you can find hack and emu website....

so this is a games related blog... definitely.

As I am lazy and always tired , just check on the internet about "openbor" "beats of rage " and lavalit to  know what I am talking about.
Now I hope to find some time to upload stuff ... and also hope you will enjoy what I will post....