Saturday, April 27, 2013


supercade and ggpo are two great softwares to play online with many arcade games ... mostly from capcom and snk.... both based on final burn I prefer supercade than ggpo....

from supercade site

What is Supercade?
Supercade is a lagless P2P (peer-to-peer) arcade game emulator. It currently supports over 150 games, mostly of the fighting genre. A list of all supported games can be found here. It functions as a client and server where all users can interact with each other and issue direct challenges in the games they want to play. Replays are automatically generated and stored on the website (optional).

after signup and downloaded their client (all free), google for some romz and PLAY!

or watch the latest replay!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DooM eternal

doom eternal .... as the title says one of biggest wad around ....

from doomworld:

Eternal Doom remains famous for one thing: the massive, massive maps. The average map in Eternal Doom is about four times the size of the average stock Doom map, and takes much, much longer to complete. Actually this is the subject of many complaints about Eternal Doom. In some cases you have to hit a switch and then walk across the map again (which can take a good ten minutes) to get through the door the switch opened. These sorts of puzzles, coupled with the huge size of the maps both annoyed some and delighted others. Either way you can't deny that all the maps in Eternal Doom are quality, and if nothing else the massive size of the level data (which is the largest collection of level data to date) is impressive enough to warrent a spot here.

how to play :

google for doom2.wad and download and copy it into gzdoom main folder

then download gzdoom here:


then drag eternal.wad into gzdoom executable and select doom2 hell on the earth


Friday, April 19, 2013

Golden Axe Legend!!

Golden Axe legend by pier wolf is simply the best GA mod around , full of special and combos you will love this game! better than GA 2 and 3 by SEGA !!

Pierwolf: "Here it is my last game!, like my previous one, this is a classic remake of the 3 golden axe games from sega genesis/megadrive."


- All the 7 characters from from golden axe 1-3, each with many different attacks and new, exciting special moves!
- Many enemies and bosses from golden axe 1-3!
- Alternate routes, bad ending and good ending: choose your path carefully!
- Traps, holes and many more dangers awaits you along the way!
- 4 bizzarrian to ride, each with its own attack!
- Fill your MP meter and unleash a powerful Magic to destroy your enemies!
- High level of difficulty! this will not be an easy thing!
- Possibilities of chain combos with normal/special/Magic attacks!


Friday, April 12, 2013

The Stronghold!!

This is a great DooM mod!! just like the horde in gears of war you engage countless wave of enemies...

from their site:

You know Doom, it is always the same, get some weapons, infiltrate the destroyed UAC base or demon hive, kill all the monsters and hellspawn and find the exit switch. This was Doom... until now: Stronghold is a mixture of Unreal Tournament's Assault mode and Skulltag'sInvasion mode. Defend your Stronghold against hundreds of monsters, divided into several waves. Earn points, get rewards between waves and let no single enemy pass!

So, what can you actually expect from a PK3 that's over 150MB?

35 new maps all from scratch (+4 secret maps)
18 powerful weapons (some totally new ones)
20 different powerups to play with
30 additional new monsters (some totally new ones)
5 different gamemodes (e.g. Deadline, Core, ...)
1 complete new HUD (add. info on screen)
unique voice acting & announcers
full soundtrack with exclusive songs by Lexus Alyus
32bit skyboxes, fog, lights and environment
dynamic lights for actors and in maps
cinematic sequences for gamemodes and endings
special effects, atmospheric and beautifl
full multiplayer for Skulltag, up to 8 players
bounty, earn credits for killed demons
dynamic skill for all skill settings and player counts
hub system with several tiers to battle through
shop system with countless items to buy

...and many many more things for you to discover in this huge and complex project. Don't stop playing, there is even more you haven't seen!

so what do you need to play ?

first :

download gzdoom: the required engine to run the game (also read the documentation from their web site)


second :

google for this file "doom2.wad" ( I can't give you it's not freeware....)

third :

grab the stronghold mod :

doom stronghold download from their site

then after configured everything .... enjoy ( I always play with a 360 controller!)

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Yatagarasu ... great game developed by ex capcom and snk former artist... not free but really cheap!!

"One of fighting scene in Japan’s best kept secrets, Yatagarasu is a 2D fighter of remarkable quality. Taking in a range of influences from Street Fighter III: Third Strike to King of Fighters, Yatagarasu is a fighting game aficionado’s delight, boasting excellent mechanics and superbly balanced gameplay. This should come as no surprise given that it’s the work of one of Japan’s best fighting game players, Umezono and ex-SNK and King of Fighters artist Kotani Tomoyuki. If you consider yourself a fan of fighting games, this should not be missed."

this their site :

unfortunatly only japanese:

yatagarasu official website

and here where to buy (digital download) :

Monday, April 1, 2013

Final Fight Gold "champion edition"

another final fight mod .... this one very interesting ... made by pierwolf ,
it's an openbor game you won't forget easily, with is tight gameplay it's one of the best final fight mod around:

from chrocrash:

- 7 chars from both Final Fight 1, 2 and 3 aviable + 4 from the street fighter saga!
- custom throws for all chars!
- all chars have 2 Special Moves and one Ultimate Move (see the HOW TO PLAY for the list)!
- 42 classic enemies and bosses!
- 28 BG, divided in 5 stages with multiple paths!
- two classics bonus stages!
- a classic boss mode, aviable when you beat the game the first time!
- a training mode, where you can train your moves!
- and some twist from the story of the original Final Fight!

The game works with the latest version of OpenBOR!