Sunday, June 30, 2013

double dragon 3 the dragon stone

An enjoyable game developed by gabo hanzo , this open bor game is full of special moves that make the old double dragon 3 a decent game to have fun!

Looking for information around the web not much can be found for this game just complaining words about double dragon 3 the rosetta stone but almost everybody knows that was a big fail in the double dragon saga.

So what add this remake to the old technos saga?

3 characters gameplay
lots of new skill
re arranged graphics from the past dd games
arranged music

Saturday, June 22, 2013

the S factor...

what the hell is the s factor ?! well is the name of huge hack of the first sonic for genesis, as the new characters are sonia , silver and scourge .... is it fun enough ? I think you should give it a try ... quite challenging game.

I tried this hack with the kega fusion emulator for sega genesis and it works well, just google for it ....

from sonic retro:

The citizens of Mobius just can't seem to catch a break. Dr. Robotnik (AKA Eggman) is yet again up to his no good tricks. Factories and pollution are spreading like wildfire as he's once again trying to take over the world. Fortunately, the Sonic Heroes are never at rest, and once again wage their battle to defeat Eggman's evil forces.
However, the heroes have landed in double jeopardy. Eggman's madman descendant, Eggman Nega, has escaped from the Ifrit's dimension, and is wreaking his usual havoc in an effort to destroy the world. He's even captured Eggman's top three lieutenants, the ruthless Team Metallix, and reprogrammed them to do his even more evil bidding.
Unlike previous instances of Nega's destruction, Eggman is not fazed. He figures that once he's in control of the world, he can take care of Eggman Nega as he pleases. Unfortunately for Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog isn't having that. Before he can decide who to dispatch where, he receives a call through the communicator Tails gave him. The message: someone's already on the case. Not just someone, but someones!
Apparently, Sonic's very own sister, Sonia the Hedgehog has already caught wind of Nega's evil and is out to stop him. Sonic is a bit eased, knowing full well of his sister's strength and agility. She also lets him know that she has found and teamed up with a mysterious young hedgehog who can move things with his mind. Sonic instantly recognizes that Sonia is with his newest ally: Silver the Hedgehog. Silver has once again traveled through time to ensure that the future is free of Nega's tampering (though he really ought to just stay here in the present, you know). Knowing that the two hedgehogs are more than capable of handling the situation, Sonic leaves it to them, and resumes dealing with Eggman.
Eggman Nega is well aware that Sonic is busy with his dimwitted ancestor. However, he'd do best not to overlook a certain factor. The S Factor, Sonia and Silver! It's up to you to lead the unlikely tag team of the physically powerful Sonia, and the psychokinetic Silver on their quest to right the wrongs of the evil Eggman Nega!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Castlevania Chorus of Mysteries.....

what we have here ! a new castlevania game? well .... unfortunatly not it's just a rom hack .
it's quite entarteining  as I played just few month ago ... and I think I can share you as it's a hack.
however you will need a nes emulator to run this game... I suggest you to use nestopia but if anybody knows one better just tell me...

from pc mag:

Castlevania hacks can be hard to love if you're not a hardcore Castlevania fan, because they typically increase the game's difficulty to levels that make you want to pull your hair/whip out. Not so with Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries, a masterful hack of the original NES Castlevania title. It blends completely new graphics with amazingly designed levels that balance challenge and playability in a way that I personally think rivals the original Konami classic. If that isn't an endorsement to play it, then I am a flying elephant.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

the AbSoLuTiOn ?!?! (DooM 64 tc)

probably not many people would care for a doom 64 tc , but who loves doom probably already knows about these conversions.
really doom 64 for n64 wasn't a big hit in my opinion, but these two conversions are quite enjoyable ... just take a look

first one is The Absolution 

from their website:

Doom 64: The Total Conversion
So, with everything said and done, and the source for Doom being released some time ago, the time has finally come where Doom 64 is finally possible on the PC. As much of the aspects of the original Doom 64 game have been implemented, along with some welcome additions to keep everything fresh. 

There are 38 levels in the single player game, 32 from the original game and 6 completely new levels (Nukage Facility, Shadows Watching, Forbidden Deeper, Crisis, Death Labs and Doom 64 Museum). The pseudo-3D has been implemented, but regrettably, for technical reasons, keeping the bridges and having the originals multiplayer ready would be impossible. The bridges require that the player trip lines that make the bridge impassible where the player isn't (in other words, if the player is on top of a bridge, below the bridge is a solid wall, impassible). The team has decided to keep the bridges, but have had to cut multiplayer. 

The sounds and graphics have all been carried over as well as animated fire skies and colored walls. All of the enemies are in the TC, especially the Nightmare Imp and Motherdemon. The enemies are hi-res, as are the weapons and textures. 

The music has been recorded from the original game, edited, and have special versions designed for the TC, both in quality and size. All tracks are included. There are 2 versions of the music wad, a normal one, at 52 megs, and also a smaller one (for the 56k modem users) at 20.2 megs. 

That's all to be said. Scripting, done. Levels, done. Music and sounds, done. Atmosphere, done. And most importantly, the gameplay and fun factor are perfect. It's not exact, as there are a few surprises in store, especially for those who are willing to search for them. 

So, on behalf of the entire Doom 64 TC, enjoy. We hope you have as much fun playing as we've had making it. 

I suggest to explore their website as it has lots of great stuff.

second one is DooM64 EX

Doom 64 EX is a faithful recreation of the original game using the Doom source code as the base with the benefit from newer control methods like mouse look, high resolutions and color depth. In addition to that, Doom 64 EX will also feature mod support to allow users to create custom levels, textures and sprites. Doom 64 EX is also aimed to be 100% accurate to the original game as close as possible and offer some PC-specific features that can enhance the game.

well great stuff to download over there too.... so I suggest to check both websites , also if you want to play with this one you should google for doom 64 original rom for n64  .....