Thursday, July 25, 2013

street fighter 4 koryu edition!!!

As many remember there are a ludicrous amount of street fighter 2 hacks and mods.... one of the most famous was the koryu edition that changes lots of stuff like move, speed and gravity in the game.
Now we got this street fighter 4 koryu edition that is basically the same for street fighter 4.

the author of this mod , Zeipher , give us instructions about it

Zeipher's Street Fighter IV Koryu - PC mod release
Updated to 1.1 AKA the final final version. For real.

Rose and Vega had combos into airthrows that did no damage. They now do regular scaled airthrow damage.
Gouken has more damage on his ultra.
Sagat has less damage on his ultra.
Sakura now has to cancel from HP+HK like everyone else.

After a year of pushing SF4 to its limits, and then some, finally: a mod that fulfills your street fighting, hadoken blasting, pregnant sakura needs. (There isn't actually a pregnant sakura in this mod, I'm so so sorry.)

Universal System Changes:
Dash is now a KOF style shorthop. It allows for quick overheads, and some pretty nasty offense. It also looks kinda funny.
Focus Attack is now a hit-absorbing dash. Takes approx. 20-50 hits depending on character, but still does gray damage.
EXFADC is now sort of like a roman cancel. Eats up one EX bar.
Taunt is now an instant lvl3 FA that drains Ultra meter. It's good for continuing juggles, or for breaking through an opponent's block. 
Supers only drains 2 EX bars. The ultras are now HP supers that absorb the entire super bar. (Which means you can combo into them from f.ex c.MK if you're ryu.)

Saggot is still cheap.

Special Thanks to:
Anotak, for being willing to share a lot with me, for making SF4 Remix, and for his wonderful Koryu edition Akuma.

Polarity, for finding out a lot of shit early on, and for helping out along the way.

RottKing, for a couple of the early Koryu vids, and for bitching at me for not including him. 
Might as well include all of #Geese_Tower as well.

Random youtuber TrickyClock, for making the Koryu logo. I didn't even ask for it! Thank you!

...And You!

Installation Notes:
- You'll need a (hopefully legit) copy of SF4 PC for this.

1.1 full version - download
1.1 patch version - download

- First of all, back up your original Battle/Chara folder. Please!

- unpack the folders in the 7zip (if you don't have 7zip, why not?)
select all the folders, copy them to Battle/Chara. Replace everything it asks you to.

- Shoot some of those hadokens.

Note: You need a decent CPU to be able to deal with Ryu and Ken's hadoken madness.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Urban Brawl

Urban Brawl is a mod conversion for doom 2, it's the sequel for action doom .
Doom 2 became a beat'em up game with new weapon and enemies , it took 10 years to develop !!!

from their site

Development on Urban Brawl began in 2004 just months after release of the original Action Doom. Instead of egregious advertising, like the original, the project remained entirely unknown to the community until the day of release. Urban Brawl features a distinct comic book art style with colorful scenery and characters rendered entirely in cel-shading. The game's enemy roster was drawn on paper, scanned and coloured. Similar to Beat 'em ups, many characters are a mere palette swap of previous enemies. Instead of using Doom's engine to calculate light, the lighting is texture based. Objects and walls cast black shadows when seen in sunlight and blue textures were used to simulate a moonlight appearance.
The game can run as a standalone either with version 2.3.0+ of ZDoom or with its own included executable, requiring no IWAD to run.
Outside of gameplay, the story is told mainly through black and white, film noir-style cutscenes inspired by Sin City. Darknation wrote most of the dialogue and cutscenes, while Mike Lightner contributed the voiceovers. The story can branch off in different paths depending on the player's actions, and features multiple possible endings.

The soundtrack was created entirely by Ralph Vickers.

On December 10, 2008, Action Doom 2 was one of the winners of the 2008 Cacowards.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Axel City

An extremely inspired beat'em up with lots of characters.
unfortunatly this very cool "doujin" wasn't discovered by capcom or snk or another big software house to receive a better development .
The style inspired from hokuto no ken and japanese mangas will really make you beg for more ....
every character has a detalied story mode , only japanese however .
I say again it's a pity that a big software house didn't notice this to realize better animations for an arcade or console version....

googling around you can find this:

During cold war, the world’s leading companies establish an artificial state called Axel City. However, due to friction between developed and developing countries fueled the conflict that led to a large number of unemployed and refugees. Axel City became a lawless city and full of crimes, where there is only one rule: “Street Fight.” Axel City is a worth fighting game made by Atsuki Koitabashi using Enterbrain’s 2D Fighter Maker 2k2. The storyline and the characters were inspired by popular franchise such Hokuto no Ken and Art of Fighting


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fist Puncher

Fist Puncher is a new brawler made by team2bit. The game is similar to river city ransom but it adds lots of stuff like characters, hidden moves , locations ...and weird situations!
This game seems to be done by motivate and passionate people it received also a good review from gamespot :

One of Fist Puncher's strengths is at the same time its most obvious flaw. Since you need to complete so many stages to reach the closing credits, you're going to be trading blows with an awful lot of goons. That's something that can't help but eventually feel repetitive, particularly since the best strategy when you're facing bosses without support from other players is to swoop in and punch or kick a few times, then quickly retreat so that you can lick your wounds (with assistance from a special healing ability that you unlock almost immediately) before returning to the fray. Over the course of several hours, you'll probably find that you spend far too much time rolling around to avoid attacks while you wait for your strength to return. Thankfully, the game keeps things interesting by leading you through a number of ridiculous locations that include a nude beach, a strip club with sex-starved nuns, a hospital operated by a maniacal nurse, and so forth. There's really no telling what you'll find next.