Saturday, July 6, 2013

Axel City

An extremely inspired beat'em up with lots of characters.
unfortunatly this very cool "doujin" wasn't discovered by capcom or snk or another big software house to receive a better development .
The style inspired from hokuto no ken and japanese mangas will really make you beg for more ....
every character has a detalied story mode , only japanese however .
I say again it's a pity that a big software house didn't notice this to realize better animations for an arcade or console version....

googling around you can find this:

During cold war, the world’s leading companies establish an artificial state called Axel City. However, due to friction between developed and developing countries fueled the conflict that led to a large number of unemployed and refugees. Axel City became a lawless city and full of crimes, where there is only one rule: “Street Fight.” Axel City is a worth fighting game made by Atsuki Koitabashi using Enterbrain’s 2D Fighter Maker 2k2. The storyline and the characters were inspired by popular franchise such Hokuto no Ken and Art of Fighting