Sunday, September 1, 2013

Haunted Hell's Reach!

"if we are gonna die let's take as many bastards as possible with us .... " and then starts the slaughtering ...  haunted hell's reach one of the most violent and craziest game around the net.
using unreal engine 3 this game is  a powered up version of the mercenaries mode found in the resident evil series ! addictive solo and copperative gameplay!! maGnifico!!

from their site:

Playing as human is action focused survival gameplay with a huge arsenal of weapons and melee attacks, total freedom in movement and brutal, intense combat.
The minions of hell come in many variations and approach from everywhere to give you the feeling of a real fight for your life. There is no place to hide, together or alone. In addition to that, watch out for dangerous traps and environmental hazards.
Some multiplayer modes can have players taking control of vicious demon masters. Here you can spawn monsters and play them by yourself, or place traps and trigger the environmental hazards to create a unpredictable threat for the humans.
The monsters are harrowing and locations feature a classic horror atmosphere with a remarkable western-gothic style.
Solo Mode: The singleplayer mode pits one human against the forces of evil.
Coop Mode: Up to 4 human players have to make a stand against the undead. Send as much as possible back to hell and redeem the souls of fallen comrades.
Battle Mode: 4 Human players against 4 demons.
Demonizer: Similar to coop, but each dead human will turn into a demon until no one is left.

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