Sunday, September 1, 2013

JoJo All Star Battle !!!

Finally this game is out!!!dreams of many jojo and araki fans for a game based on the manga jo jo bizarre adventure are finally realized!

cyberconnect 2 developped this crazy beatem'up with 35 characters from the 25 years long storyline!! and 15 more  dlc characters will rise up to 50!

it plays similar to street fighter 4 and it received a 40/40 score on famitsu !!!

from jo jo wiki

The Gameplay shows a 2D fighting style with 3D cellshading characters. CyberConnect2 is known for making the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Series. Gameplay will be similar to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future.
Each character has a Style button that defines how he fights. This is different from the BB Drive in that many characters share similar Styles. For example, Jotaro's Style summons Star Platinum, while Joseph's makes him use the Ripple. Basically, it's the same old Stand button from the previous game, just with a more universal name.
The gauges are health, guard (depletes while guarding attacks, causing guard crush when it's empty), and Heart Heat (the super gauge). Some characters also have unique gauges over the Heart Heat one: Joseph's makes his consecutive Ripple attacks stronger, similar to Akihiko from Persona 4: Arena.and Mista got a gauge that shows the amount of bullets he has at the moment.

Game mechanics are similar to Jojo HD
One stock of Heart Heat gauge can be used to perform a "Heart Heat Attack", while two can be used to perform a "Great Heat Attack".
Some characters has special attributes of their own: Jonathan can perform the final Ripple which replenish some of his health after KO, Josuke can have super armor once his hair is insulted, Valentine's super gauge gradually refills once he collected all Corpse Parts.
You can perform a Stylish Move: the character strikes one of their poses and dodges the attack completely. It costs some Guard Gauge, but gives you a great chance to counter-attack.
Taunting the opponent depletes the enemy's Heart Heat gauge, and has some very flashy animations, especially after you win the round.
The game has chain combos with Weak, Medium and Strong attacks, but there is also the "Easy Beat" option. Just press the Weak attack button with proper timing, and you will perform a combo with a HHA at the end.
The game's RC mechanic is "Puttsun Cancel". By spending some of the Heart Heat gauge after performing a special move, you can freeze your opponent for a while, either giving you time to continue the combo or make your moves less punishable.
Tandem Attacks are still in for the characters who have the Stand style. It also still consumes some of the Heart Heat gauge.
There are stage gimmicks, each stage has two variation type, one with all the hazards and situation finish on and another with all the stage hazards off.
Stage Hazards are activated by someone falling down on a representative series of red waves that stem from the hazard, and have their paths or areas of effect highlighted on the ground.
Some hazards occur continuously in set intervals after they have been triggered.
Some hazards, such as Weather Report's frog rain will trigger status effects such as poison, represented by the life bar turning purple.
There won’t be quick time events.
Characters can perform intimidation moves (taunts), such as Dio's WWRRRYY! or Part 8 Josuke enjoying a jelly roll the wrong way which will reduce the opponent's Heart Heat by about 1/8th a stock.
ゴゴゴ "Rumbling" Mode: When HP is low, this is activated automatically, attack power increases and gauges fill up faster.
Preparedness Mode: Attacks no longer make you wince/flinch. Only 4 characters so far can activate "Preparedness Mode": Giorno, Bruno, Mista, and Hermes.
Much like the original fighting game, if two attacks of similar properties clash, the fighters will enter a "Blazing Fists" match where they must mash buttons faster than each other to gain a free hit.
Steel Ball Run (Part 7) characters, Johnny, Gyro and Valentine are the only characters who can collect the Corpse parts during a match. They need to collect 3 parts of the Corpse in exchange to use their GHA moves.

the ost is addictive too: