Monday, August 5, 2013

W H I S P E R S O F S A T A N !!!

W H I S P E R S     O F     S A T A N !!!

Doom , doom , doom , another total conversion for doom 2... quite intriguing gameplay !!!

in order to play you need the original doom2.wad and I recommend to use gzdoom engine ....

- 30 never seen before levels
- 2 Unique secret levels
- 3 secret levels exclusive to Zdoom
- Evolving Theme
- All new music written by both of the authors, you will not be disappointed!
- Hundreds of additional and new textures
- Co-op and Deathmatch starts (though WOS is designed for Single Player)
- All difficulty levels
- All in one WAD -- no complicated start-up
- Built in MAPINFO
- Built in DEHACKED
- Designed for Boom compatible source ports

more info inside the zip in the download link!!!